How to Pickup A Cougar

Many of you have emailed me asking questions about cougar seduction. Cougar seduction is an area of pick up many guys get confused about. Hooking up with an older women is to far out of the reality of a lot of guys. I’m going to share with you my take on cougar seduction and clarify […]

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Confidence with women
Having confidence with women is the single most important trait you need to develop if you haven’t already. Women desire alpha men who radiate self confidence. When your confident deep down inside women get sucked into your reality.

Having confidence with women isn’t something you can artificially fake. Real confidence is having a unique identity and integrity that comes from […]

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What Women Want From Men

What Women Want From Men
Today I’m going to clear up some misconceptions about what women want from men. Many people think you need money or good looks to pick up women but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m going to start by covering the two biggest misconceptions guys have, followed by sharing with you […]

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How To Be A Good Wingman

Many of you have commented and emailed me asking how to be a good wingman. I will give you my take on how to be a good wingman and share with you what me and my buddies do when were out.

Avoid going to a bar or club and hanging out together in a circle. You […]

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DHV Stories – How your misusing them!

DHV stories have been among the most used pua tactics for years. DHV stories are a method of story telling where you subtly imbed “attraction spikes” into a story. When pua first came about dhv stories were a pua’s bread and butter. Today the game has evolved and to be successful you need to adapt a […]

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Kissing Tips For Guys You MUST Know

Kissing Tips For Guys
Take the time to read over a few kissing tips for guys. Women want to be with guys who know how to kiss. It is important, as an alpha man that you know a few essential kissing tips guys to be seen as a good kisser. Since kissing the first intimate step […]

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How To Use Cocky and Funny Lines

One of the best ways to strike up a conversation with a woman is to use what are known cocky and funny lines.  Cocky and funny lines are certain lines you recite to a women who you are interested in. It almost always conveys some sort of humor with a little touch of arrogance.

These […]

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Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

Getting out of the friend zone is a dilemma many guys need a solution to. If your looking for the answer you’ve come to the right place. There are 2 different situations in which guys need help getting out of the friend zone:

1) Currently being in a friendship with a girl and not having escalated sexually.

2) […]

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How To Pass Any Shit Test

An essential skill you must develop is knowing how to pass a Shit Test. The more attractive a women you’re picking up is the more likely it is that she’ll shit test you. We all desire 9’s and 10’s don’t we? So it’s crucial that we develop this skill…

Let me start by defining what a […]

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BE LOUD: The Skill Of Voice Projection

Voice projection
One of the most crucial skills the majority of men need to improve on is their voice projection. The skill of voice projection is applicable to all facets of life including but not limited to the business world, picking up women, and every day social interaction.

Have you ever been in a nightclub and approached a […]

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How To Dress Well For Men

How To Dress Well For Men
Knowing how to dress well for men is an essential skill you must develop. Being dressed well has more benefits than meets the eye. As an alpha man you need to master the art of dressing well.

I am going to begin my discussion on how to dress well for […]

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Alpha Male Characteristics

Today I intend to focus on the development of Alpha Male Characteristics. The term alpha male has its roots in the animal world where an alpha male is the animal in the environment with the highest rank.

In the real world, which is what were concerned with, the term Alpha Male refers to the confident, high value men […]

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Pua Negs Explained

Pua Negs are a tactic that mystery “the grandfather” of pua invented.  Typically men use pua negs on women to get past their defense mechanisms. Pua Negs may seem like insults at first but using them is a science that relies greatly upon tone of voice and body language.

Being able to read the target which the negs are […]

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