Kissing Tips For Guys

Kissing Tips For Guys

Take the time to read over a few kissing tips for guys. Women want to be with guys who know how to kiss. It is important, as an alpha man that you know a few essential kissing tips guys to be seen as a good kisser. Since kissing the first intimate step you will progress into with a woman, it is essential to get it right the first time. If you go in for a kiss and end up slobbering all over her face, chances are you won’t get a chance to correct your mistakes.

Some of the best kissing tips for guys you can get have everything to do with how you approach the woman for the kiss. Make it a smooth motion, along with this, it is important to know how long to keep the kiss going for, and when and how to use your tongue correctly.

One of the best kissing tips for guys is to be firm with a woman when you want to kiss her, take your hand around her head and firmly pull her towards you, don’t worry about “rejection”. Chances are if you have already gotten to the point where she is comfortable enough with you that you can feel that you have the opportunity to kiss her, she is going to go with it.  When you are firm with your hand, you are projecting an aura of confidence, like you already know she wants it, and you are doing her a favor by kissing her.

Which kissing tips for guys apply to you really depends on what your immediate intentions after the kiss.  The best kissing tip for guys giving a woman a goodnight kiss is to count to 3, nothing less unless she pulls away, if you get to three without her pulling away, you pull back, and leave her wanting more.  This one of the kissing tips for guys is extremely important in picking up women in general, if you leave them wanting more, they are both going to look forward to being with you, and they themselves are going to try to get more.

If you are trying to escalate further than a kiss, then you will need to pull back a little sooner, then go back in again, a little more powerfully this time, showing her that you can give her a good time.

One of the essential kissing tips for guys wanting to escalate things sexually is to kiss a women’s neck and body. Every girl I’ve ever been with has loved it when I kiss her neck and work my way down to her body. If you want to arouse a women or get her in the mood, this is a good place to start.

There are many great kissing tips for guys who are looking to use their tongue in a kiss, and the easiest one to perform, and remember, is to slowly put your tongue in her mouth, certainly don’t force it in there, and think of it as massaging her tongue with yours.  Once you’re in, play with her tongue a little bit, there is no need to try anything extremely fancy as her focus isn’t going to be on your tongue.

I’m glad you took the time to read over these Kissing Tips For Guys. A little bit of advice never hurt anyone, and if it means women seeing you as a better kisser, then it was advice well taken.



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