There are a lot of women out there – dying to meet a guy. For a night, or maybe more. You think you’ve probably dated most of them…and maybe mastered the art of picking up women.


Okay, well maybe you want to start having quality – AND quantity.

You start feeling the need to be with a woman that makes you live LIFE not just go through the motions each day. You want a cool chick you can hang with and share good times with…

You want a woman that will make you enjoy every moment you’re with her and make you appreciate all things – small or big.

You WANT Miss Right! (And avoid Ms. WRONG in the process.)

It’s hard enough to make women hit on you…let alone the woman of your dreams.

So, how do you SHOW HER that all the other guys she’s in contact with are all wrong for her? How do you MAKE HER FEEL she deserves better? That she deserves YOU?

Here are some tips…

How To Get Miss Right To Hit On You – Tip #1: Prepare yourself.

Just like anything else you want to achieve in your life, you need to be able to PREPARE yourself.

BE the guy she’d want to be with.

It’s like when you’re trying to land that dream job…you take the time to look good, you’re persona is positive, and you’re confident about your qualification and skills.

37And during that interview…you’re in it to win it – as my friend Kid Rock would say.

You don’t want to approach her, and then flake out because you’re unprepared and intimidated. Or just plain insecure.

The best thing to do is for you to shore up your strengths. Start by listing them and reviewing them each day. This serves as a reminder of your value, and it will give you confidence every day you go out on the battlefield.

For example, one of mine is: “I play guitar well, and chicks dig that.”

Every time I remember that, I feel a surge of confidence and ability that I won’t feel if I just listen to that nagging voice of doubt in my head.

Have that confidence so when you go for “battle”, you can’t lose.

How To Get Miss Right To Hit On You – Tip #2: Get to know her.

Observe first! Know what she likes or dislikes, her hobbies, interests, what she loves and most passionate about.

Getting to know her will make you stand out from the crowd when you had that window of opportunity to be with her. You’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the pack that might be competing for her.

872096e4db0043c68ca07b00447f458dThe easiest way to get to know her is a technique that you would never guess works. You simply pretend you already know her. You see, when she feels like you’re a comfortable person to be around, you’ll get her to open up and reveal more. Thus, you get to know her better.

It’s counter-intuitive, but works like a champ.

Remember this – when you get that connection with her, YOU will have her attention – and you’ll be the only ONE she’ll see.

Which leads me to…

How To Get Miss Right To Hit On You – Tip #3: Make a CONNECTION.

When you can get her to really open up, she will feel a strong connection to you. Which is critical for her to want to get physical with you.

When you do finally have that opportunity to be in her presence, now you’ll know enough about her to make a CONNECTION with her.

The best way to do this is to remind her every time you’re with her about how much you know and remember about her. Names, places, experiences – all of those details tell her that you and her are connected.

Think about this, men will always try to flirt with her, impress her…using pickup lines and other stuff just to get her attention.


You on the other hand, will be able to talk to her long enough to make a connection.

When she FEELS she’s made a connection with you…she’ll feel YOU ARE THE ONE. And that’s what you need…

Remember, if you want something bad enough, you can GET ANYTHING YOU WANT if you focus and put in the effort.

Most guys don’t know that a woman’s feelings of lust are easily triggered – IF you know what you’re looking for. I put together a quick training video on how to do this. Go take a look at it here.

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma