Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

Getting out of the friend zone is a dilemma many guys need a solution to. If your looking for the answer you’ve come to the right place. There are 2 different situations in which guys need help getting out of the friend zone:

1) Currently being in a friendship with a girl and not having escalated sexually.

2) Having met a women for the first time but having failed to escalate sexually during the interaction.

I asked a female friend of mine what the best method of getting out of the friend zone is and she simply said “sleep with the girl.” I smirked at the simplicity of her answer but it makes perfect sense. If you want to get out of the friend zone, no matter what the situation is, you need to escalate sexually!

If you really think about what distinguishes a friendship from a sexual relationship its the sexual aspect of it. If you never escalate sexually you’ll never get out of the friend zone.

Firstly, I’m going to cover getting out of the friend zone while your already in a friendship with a girl:

The bottom line is you need to escalate sexually. You can take it slowly at first but you need to escalate. Start by holding hands, then go in for a kiss, escalate further and further every time your together. Obviously you need to take it one step at a time because it will feel awkward if you don’t escalate properly step by step.

The bottom line is you need to be an alpha man and go for what you want. Step up, be a man, and take what you want. I guarantee the girl you want will be attracted to this way more than being timid.

Now I’m gong to cover getting out of the friend zone when you first meet a girl:

Many guys get into cool conversations with girls and fail to take it to the next level. As result they become the entertainer guy. They can be the most interesting person but they fail to generate attraction and escalate so they get stuck in the friend zone.

Many guys don’t escalate because their scared of getting rejected. If you don’t escalate and frame the interaction sexually you may as well not even approach. You have to make things sexual from the very start of the interaction. You have to set the tone of the interaction from early on. If you wait to long before you begin to escalate it will feel awkward once you muster up the courage to do so. Adapt a flirtatious tone from the get go, this is the key. You want to begin sexual framing, and physical touch within the first minute of the interaction.

I’m sure your aware by now but it’s so important its worth repeating: The secret to getting out of the friend zone is: Sexual escalation.

I have now shown you the secrets to getting out of the friend zone. The friend zone is a place you never want to be, but if your currently there you now know how to change that.

If you follow the advice on this site and you grow to become an Alpha Man I guarantee you will never end up in the friend zone in the first place.

Remember, getting out of the friend zone comes down to escalating sexually thats what you need to do consistently!



Getting Out Of The Friend Zone