dhv stories

DHV stories have been among the most used pua tactics for years. DHV stories are a method of story telling where you subtly imbed “attraction spikes” into a story. When pua first came about dhv stories were a pua’s bread and butter. Today the game has evolved and to be successful you need to adapt a new way of thinking. I’m going to discuss this paradigm shift with you, as well show you how to make your dhv stories natural and congruent.

The old mindset towards DHV stories was that women were of higher value. Guys placed women a pedestal and felt as if they had to raise their own value in the womens eyes. Back then their were tactics, routines, and scripts in an attempt to try and “flip the script.”

dhv-storiesThe bottom line is that this evaluation of value is all in your head. You think that a women is higher value than you because shes good looking, has social proof in the venue or she has guys flocking all around her.

Many guys suffer from limiting beliefs that they aren’t good looking enough, or this particular women would never want them. This is what I have to say to those men: ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD, MAN UP.

You have to totally believe that you are equal in value to the women your trying to pickup. By using dhv stories to get her to think your a cool guy, your trying to impress her and your sub-communicating that she’s of a higher value and that you need to boost your own value in her eyes.

Girls are very intuitive they can sense when your trying to impress them or when you don’t believe deep down that your good enough for them. What you need to do is grow out of dhv stories and learn how to naturally attract women by becoming a sex worthy alpha man. Thats what Alpha Lifestyle is all about, becoming the best version of you that you can be.

Now that I have clarified the necessary paradigm shift that must take place before using dhv stories, I am going to give you some tips on how to use dhv stories in a natural way.

Story telling is a very important aspect of social interactions. If you use dhv stories properly and with the right mindset you can convey that your an alpha male without coming off as showing off or bragging.

You can tell dhv stories about something interesting that happened to you, an instance where you helped someone with a problem, or a time where you were chased by another girl, etc.

Make sure you don’t don’t brag or show off. Those two actions are a sign of thinking your lower value and that you have something to prove. Also make sure to keep the stories genuine. Back in the day the old motto was “Fake it till you make it.” I’m not a believer in that mindset because you may learn tactics and routines to help you on the surface, but deep down their is little or no change at an identity level.

Here at Alpha Lifestyle we are all about helping you become an alpha male and naturally attracting women. As you can see dhv stories have their place in the pua’s toolkit, BUT there’s an essential paradigm shift that must take place before attempting to tell dhv stories.



dhv stories