voice projection

Voice projection

One of the most crucial skills the majority of men need to improve on is their voice projection. The skill of voice projection is applicable to all facets of life including but not limited to the business world, picking up women, and every day social interaction.

Have you ever been in a nightclub and approached a girl only for her to reply “What” or “I can’t hear you”. If that’s ever happened to you, which I’m sure it has, you need to work on your voice projection.

When you speak loudly it displays confidence and dominance, in fact its one of the main alpha male characteristics. Women admire confident and strong voice projection. An enormous amount of the issues guys have approaching women at bars and clubs would be solved by turning up their internal volume knob.

The reason why most men don’t speak loudly is because from childhood society has taught us that speaking loudly is rude and obnoxious. The fact of the matter is proper voice projection displays boldness. Make it a point to make yourself speak louder at all times.

When your voice is loud it creates spectators. Before going to a social gathering I get my voice projection in check and amplify my voice. I do this by shouting out loud before I get to a venue and making a conscious effort to speak loudly before I get to a bar or nightclub so the momentum continutes

Let me share with you a few specific tips to improving your voice projection…

Alpha Lifestyle Voice Projection Tips

  • Make it a point to speak through your diaphragm rather than your chest. Not only will you speak louder but its actually proven that physiologically you feel better when you breathe through your diaphragm.
  • Push out as much air as possible while talking. This will also allow you to project your voice in a bolder manner.
  • Speak through your the back of your throat not your nose. This will make your voice sound louder, bolder, and more masculine.
  • When your talking to someone try and talk THROUGH the person. Imagine that the person is a few meters back, picture that you have to talk through them. This will influence you to speak louder.

I’m sure its now clear to you that voice projection is very important in social interactions. Make it a point to be aware of your voice projection when your talking to people and make a commitment to yourself to improve it. Remember there really isn’t a “to loud”, chances are you won’t ever speak to loudly.

As usual I’m going to conclude this article with a plan of action. As I’m sure your aware, all theory in the world is useless unless you apply it. Your going to apply the principles of voice projection today and unleash your irresistible voice.

Alpha Lifestyle Voice Projection Action Plan: For the rest of the day make a point to speaker louder than usual whenever you communicate with someone. Picture the other individual to be 3 meters further back than where they are actually standing and talk through them. Do this every time you speak for the entire day (ideally for the rest of your life)!

Implement these voice projection principles and I guarantee you a greater level of success in your social interactions.



Voice projection