People always ask me “what’s the most surefire way to be amazing with women?”

In today’s newsletter, I’m going to tell you the 100% sure-fire way, a method I have never seen fail for ANYONE in my entire life.

Here it is –

Work hard on yourself every day and get great coaching on a regular basis.

Stop looking for shortcuts. Stop trying to half-ass the matter. Stop looking for excuses and just do the work.

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This is the surefire way to results.

Just put your head down and WORK.

Stop complaining and WORK ON YOUR GAME.

Ignore all distractions and WORK ON YOUR GAME.

Stop reading a bunch of crap on the internet and GO MEET WOMEN IN REAL LIFE.

There’s a place out there, where all people do is work on their game, and I have proof that they score, score, and score some more!

It’s in Hollywood, and it’s called The Pickup Mansion

Brad is a friend of mine, and if you tell him I sent you, you might get a room at the mansion, while others are put on the waiting list.

Here’s what happens in Pickup Mansion:

1- You live with people who are motivated and work on their game all the time.

2- Brad P is your coach. He will make sure you get good no matter what.

3- All the bars, clubs, and day game spots are a short walk from your Hollywood Hills Mansion. That means no finding parking, no staying home, no lack of wingman… no excuses.

If you’re curious whether or not this works, check out this video of a hot chick getting naked in the hot tub at Brad’s Pickup Mansion.


Or… you could sit around all year wondering what it would be like.

You could look back on this opportunity and say “I should have done more with my life.”

I say go hard, go all the way, every night and every day.

Seize this moment. Your life will be determined by a series of turning points. This decision is a major turning point.

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma

PS- Brad only allows 9 people in the program, and I’m told there’s only 2 spots left. So make your move fast.