alpha male characteristics

Today I intend to focus on the development of Alpha Male Characteristics. The term alpha male has its roots in the animal world where an alpha male is the animal in the environment with the highest rank.

In the real world, which is what were concerned with, the term Alpha Male refers to the confident, high value men who are good with women. My goal is to have each and every one of you become Alpha Men!

I’m sure your wondering what the alpha male characteristics are and how you can incorporate them into your life. I’m going to share with you right now 5 of the most essential alpha male characteristics you need to possess.

Alpha Male Characteristics

  • Alpha Men Are The Observed, Never Observers – Alpha Men are the center of attention, they are the observed. At any social gathering you notice a few alpha men who everyone is observing and the rest of the guys are the ones watching. I’m not advocating that you be an attention whore, I’m telling you to step up and be a social guy. Be the leader in the environment and talk to as many people as you can.
  • Alpha Men Don’t Care About What Anyone Thinks Of Them – One of the single most important alpha male characteristics in my eyes is being indifferent to what people think about you. Men who possess this trait are genuinely self confident and self assured. There is nothing more naturally attractive to women then a confident, self assured guy.
  • Know You Are The Coolest Guy On The Planet Alpha Men possess a delusional sense of coolness. To their very core they believe that their the man. Having this kind of unshakeable confidence gravitates other individuals towards towards you.
  • Enjoy YourselfAlpha Men aren’t concerned about what to so say or if other people like them. The main focus or question an alpha man holds in his mind is “How Can I Have Fun”. If your having fun in an interaction the other people will have fun as well. This is proven by the NLP concept of going first. If you want someone else to feel an emotion or experience a state you need to go into that state first. If your having fun and amusing yourself the people around you will have fun as well and be drawn towards you.
  • Have alpha male body language – Body language is one of the single most important alpha male characteristics you need to master. I covered this topic extensively in this post: alpha male characteristics, if you haven’t taken a look at it yet I really urge you to do so!

The secret to being a cooler guy and attracting more women is to develop alpha male characteristics. In the animal world everyone follows and looks up to the Alpha Male. In the human and dating world everyone is attracted and wants to be around Alpha Men.

Remember reading something does almost no good if you don’t implement it into your life. After each article I am going to give you an action plan go and do today so you can start living the life of your dreams!

Alpha Male Characteristics Action Plan: Go out to a social gathering or public place today and keep any eye out for men with who possess these traits. Try to distinguish the alpha males from the beta males. Thats all I want you to do. The first step to becoming an alpha male is knowing what an alpha male is!
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alpha male characteristics