What Women Find Attractive

What Women Find Attractive

What women find attractive varies depending on her personality and taste which is good news for you, because generally speaking there really is someone for everyone. Rather than try and become something or someone you are not, by enhancing your best and also unique qualities you can become the most attractive version of you. This gives a rest in who you are which communicates outwardly as confidence which is extremely attractive to women.

What Women Find Attractive

Now while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no denying many people could make some big improvements on the image they present to the world, and on their personality flaws. Yes, we all have our flaws, but in the dating scene apathy and laziness will leave you sidelined, lonely and single. Deciding you can change and work on or improve those things you don’t like about yourself is empowering. After you make the effort in a few areas it will become second nature and in any case, this is the kind of attitude you need for a successful long term relationship.

The outside is what everyone sees first, so that is the best place to begin. What women find attractive in looks varies greatly. Generally women do like height and muscles. Other physical qualities include a great smile and the eyes.  The eyes because they are the window to the soul and give a woman an intuitive feel for whether you are open or more guarded in personality. Obviously height is not something you can do much about, although you could gain an inch with special soles on your shoes. With online dating it is not as important. But be encouraged you can make up for a lack of height with muscles which anyone can develop with the right workout and nutrition program.

More than physical qualities your personality will be the most attractive part of you to a woman. If you are funny and can put a woman at ease, make her laugh, make her feel valued and that you really hear her when she talks, qualities like your height will rapidly fade in importance. Looks are just the drawing card, but you need to have depth of character and a great personality to be able to establish a longer term connection.

Now, dress sense matters to a woman. If you really don’t have a clue,  show her you are open for her input and guiding hand in this area, as women find that very attractive. You can never go wrong with a modern trendy look. If you need help ask. Take some girlfriends shopping (platonic friends), or ask your girlfriend to accompany you and ask what she likes to see you dressed in. A lot of women have great taste for clothing. But if you can’t find someone whose opinion you value, sales assistants should be able to give you some good tips and direction. If you really need help hire someone for a makeover and style over. Fashion magazines can also be a good point of reference for the latest trends and give you some new ideas.

Keep in mind never take your mother shopping for clothes. It is hugely unattractive to a woman to find out your mom buys your clothes. A woman wants to see you are a man and not a mommy’s boy and would also like to think she has some influence over you clothing choices.

Displaying different sides of yourself adds mystery for a woman and increases your attractiveness to her. Let her see you indifferent settings, formal, family gatherings, sports events, work socials and change up your clothing style for each event. Khakis and a t-shirt gets old really fast. Why not take her on a fancy dinner date dressed in a suit and a tie? All women find a man in a suit attractive! It is also paying her a compliment that you made the effort.

Hygiene also plays an essential part in what women find attractive in men. It is non-negotiable. Shower at least daily, and shampoo and condition your hair every day or at least every second day. Women love to smell fresh hair. In fact women are more sensitive to smell than men so take care of body odor with regular deodorant and try splashing on some aftershave or cologne. She will be falling over you! If you don’t like it every day, save it for special date nights and she will appreciate the gesture. For a special touch take her shopping and let her choose the cologne she likes the best on you. And on the topic of hygiene don’t forget to brush your teeth, morning and night. There is nothing more unattractive than bad breath and broken teeth. It is an easy habit to cultivate, along with some regular lip balm to keep your lips soft and conditioned. You will thank yourself for the effort when you are in the middle of a passionate kiss. Breath mints are easy to carry with you and she will appreciate the effort.

Keep in mind that women are detail oriented and when you make an effort with details, she notices! It shows you are in tune to her wants and desires.

Other things that raise your attractiveness are paying wholehearted sincere compliments. In the heart of every woman is a Cinderella fantasy. Try painting pictures with your compliments and watch how it affects her. “You smell as fresh as a sea breeze.” To you it might sound corny, but women think in pictures and it will open heart wide.

Don’t forget, romantic gestures go a long way to increasing your attractiveness. Flowers, candles, chocolates, special dates, quite frankly women can’t get enough of this.

A good sense of humor is something else that can be developed (see the article how to make a girl laugh) that will cause your attractiveness to sky rocket in a woman’s opinion. And while you tell those jokes, look her in the eye and give her a genuine smile and you will light up her heart.

Be passionate about life, passionate about your job, passionate about your relationship. Find something to be passionate about even if it is developing new video games. That passion will draw her and intrigue her and cause her to want to get to know you better. That is the ultimate truth if you want to know What Women Find Attractive.


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What Women Find Attractive