Cocky and Funny Lines

One of the best ways to strike up a conversation with a woman is to use what are known cocky and funny lines.  Cocky and funny lines are certain lines you recite to a women who you are interested in. It almost always conveys some sort of humor with a little touch of arrogance.

These are powerful when you use them in moderation and you have the confident congruency to pull off the cocky and funny lines. However if you don’t have the confidence in yourself to begin with, women may look at you as as putting on an act when you try to throw it out there.  The most important things to remember is to always exude confidence, don’t be attached to the outcome, and don’t overdo it when it comes to these cocky and funny lines.

Women are attracted to confident alpha men, they don’t want someone who thinks the women their talking to is of a higher value than them.  If you approach them in a fashion that sub communicates to them that you know you can pick any woman up, they will catch onto it and naturally they will be attracted.

This is where the cocky and funny lines come into play. I like to keep things natural and make up my own cocky and funny lines on the fly during an interaction. I find that’s the best way to go about it because then you come off as congruent, authentic and genuine.

But with that being said…

I will share with you a few example of my favorite cocky and funny lines:

  • The first example of cocky funny line is mis interpreting what a girl says and teasing her for it. (This is one of the best way to use cocky and funny lines)
  • If the Girl says: I want it so bad, give it to me, lets do it, I wanna do it or           something on those lines, you can tease her in a cocky funny way be saying…  You respond: While having a shocked face reply “Are you serious? right her right now? I’d be more comfortable if you took me out for dinner first.”
  • If she compliments you on something you can say “Stop flirting with me!” in a cocky yet joking sort of way
  • The girl : “Lets buy a drink” You : “Please don’t tell me your planning on geting me wasted so you can seduce me at the end of the night”
  • “It’s tough to be so good looking women treat me like a piece of meat”

If you act desperate or needy, at any point while interacting with a woman or using cocky and funny lines, you have already failed. If you come off as try hard in your cocky and funny lines, you won’t be taking her home. You need to recite the cocky and funny lines in a way that seems natural and not pre scripted. The key is to be completely confident in yourself and not care what she thinks to at all.  If you are constantly looking for some sort of feedback, you are getting desperate and should start acting more cocky. Alpha males are cocky, beta males need constant reassurance.

When you start laying down your cocky and funny lines, it is important to understand that there is a point in time where enough may be enough, if she has stopped laughing at what you say, you’ve probably sailed far beyond that point.  Try to keep it to just a few times in a conversation, or when some sort of situation occurs that may call for it.  If you think you are overdoing it, then there is a good chance that you are.

The key to making cocky and funny lines work is to be totally confident and as natural as possible. If you do it in an alpha and powerful way, the cocky and funny lines are going to work all the better.



cocky and funny lines