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How To Dress Well For Men

Knowing how to dress well for men is an essential skill you must develop. Being dressed well has more benefits than meets the eye. As an alpha man you need to master the art of dressing well.

I am going to begin my discussion on how to dress well for men by answering the famous question “Do Women Care About Looks”. Anyone who says women flat out don’t care about looks is lieing. However, with that being said women don’t care about looks as much as they care about a man being well groomed. They want a well put together man who takes price in his appearance.

It has been said that in the first 5 seconds after meeting a new person, they will have made a long lasting first impression of your image. 90% of your body at any time is covered in clothing. Therefore how to dress well for men IS a big deal. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe, but you do need to put effort and thought into what you wear.

Here’s why: When your well dressed you feel your best and it boosts your confidence to new heights. Knowing how to dress well for men will give you an edge over the other men in any environment. Knowing what clothes to wear will display to the people around you your an alpha, fashionable guy who cares about his appearance.

Dressing well is applicable to all areas of life (the business world, the dating world etc.) You need to look and feel your best no matter where your going.

With that being said…

Here are some tips on how to dress well for men:

The first tip on how to dress well for men is to dress yourself with clothes your comfortable in. Pick a style that YOU think looks good and that fits your personality. Fashion is really an expression of yourself. I suggest that if you don’t consider yourself fashionable to actually take some time and study fashion. BUT you shouldn’t wear clothes that don’t fit your personality or that are uncomfortable. Find clothes that fit you perfectly. If you’re not comfortable wearing them, you won’t feel confident.

A good idea to learn how to dress well for men is to look at fashion magazines to get ideas. Why do you think girls always do this? Pick up a mens magazine and look at what the models are wearing. I don’t mean you have to go to the extent girls do and find out “whats in” every different season. What I do mean is to learn the basics of color co-ordination, what shirts go with what pants, etc. What better way is there to learn than that?

I’m going to share with you my little secret on how to dress well for men. If you don’t think you look good enough, you probably don’t look good enough. Give it your best, even if it takes you a good hour to find that perfect outfit. Get a really big mirror and look at yourself. Adjust your tie, your belt, and your hair. Do it over and over until you’re satisfied. Then head out to the party looking your best!

Remember – if you don’t love the way you look, no one will either.

Men have mixed opinions on wearing eye catching colors. Bright green, pink, and yellow sure do seem to attract a little extra attention. Why not use this as a “peacocking tool” in your advantage? Mix up your style and wear some bright highlighter color shirts.

In terms of accessories I always like to wear a couple pieces of jewelry. By default I wear a necklace, and a ring. Having an interesting piece of jewelry can even provide a topic of conversation when approaching new women.

The clothes you wear doesn’t always have to be expensive. They don’t always have to be new and fancy. But you do have to put thought into what you wear and do your best. Use cologne to smell your best.

When you have done all this, you’ll realize it’s actually quite easy to master the art of how to dress well for men. At that point thats when you look and feel like an alpha man.



how to dress well for men