what women want from men

What Women Want From Men

Today I’m going to clear up some misconceptions about what women want from men. Many people think you need money or good looks to pick up women but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m going to start by covering the two biggest misconceptions guys have, followed by sharing with you exactly what women want from men.

  • The biggest misconception of what women want from men is money. Do you personally believe that you need to have money in order to have women be attracted to you? I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit.

Money is important in life, anyone who tells you otherwise is insane. BUT money has no impact on picking up women, in fact, money actually negatively impacts the process of hooking up with girls.

When you try to attract a women using money you fall into the role of the provider guy. As the provider guy she views you as the guy who’s going to take care of her financially, long term. When you fall into this role the female doesn’t view you as the alpha male she wants, instead she views you as the guy who’s going to take care of her. In essence the girl is using you to provide for her! Are you out to attract gold digging women? I sure hope not…

You want to attract women naturally by becoming an alpha man.

  • The 2nd biggest misconception of what women want from men is good looks. Do you think that you need good looks in order to pick up women? I’m here to tell you thats bullshit as well.

The reason men possess this belief is because thats the way they personally think. If you ask the majority of men what they look for in a women the first response will be good looks. However if you ask a women the same question her first response will most likely be a good “personality”.

In reality looks don’t matter when picking up women. Having good looks doesn’t guarantee success. What women want from men is stepping up, and taking action. You can be the most good looking guy on the planet but if you fail to take action and approach women you won’t have any success.

Those who possess what women want from men aren’t the guys who are the best looking, they are the guys with the most developed character. They have confidence, their comfortable in their own skin, and their personality is well developed.

Let me give you an example to show you what I mean, If there are 2 guys:

a) A guy who is good looking, and has an average set of social skills


b) A guy who isn’t as good looking BUT who’s social skills are 5% better.

Guy b is the one who has what women want from men. The best man wins, and what determines the best man is the level of development of ones character and social skills.

I’m sure that the information in this article isn’t exactly what your accustomed to hearing about what women want from men. Social conditioning has planted false limiting beliefs into your minds. In reality what women want from men is the exact opposite of what we have been conditioned to believe.

I’m here to help you reframe your paradigms to help you achieve success with women. Now that you know what women want from men check out my article on how to develop the characteristics of what women want from men to give you a more in depth idea of what it means to have a developed character.



what women want from men