Cougar Seduction

Many of you have emailed me asking questions about cougar seduction. Cougar seduction is an area of pick up many guys get confused about. Hooking up with an older women is to far out of the reality of a lot of guys. I’m going to share with you my take on cougar seduction and clarify a few common misconceptions.

A lot of guys I’ve talked to assume that cougar seduction is impossible because older women aren’t interested in just “hooking up.” They also believe that older women aren’t attracted to younger guys. This couldn’t be further from the truth…

Women who are 35 and older don’t take 21 year old guys seriously. What I mean by this is that in their minds sleeping with a 21 year old “doesn’t count”. There are no social repercussions so to speak if an older women sleeps with a 21 year old guy. This is due to the fact that usually you’ll have few acquaintances or mutual friends in common. This is key because in todays society women are wrongfully labeled as sluts for being liberated. The key factor here is that you won’t damage their name and reputation.

It’s actually in the very nature of women to liberate themselves. You must approach cougar seduction with the mindset that you won’t look down and disapprove of them.

If you go back in time women actually had multiple sexual partners during ovulation. The females would hookup with multiple males of interest. When you don’t have a concept of time because your hunters and gathers the idea of cause and effect between having sex and having a baby is difficult to come to terms with. Then the ice age took place and people switched to the farmer paradigm. This was beginning of looking at women as exclusive property. My point is its in women’s very DNA to be liberated and desire multiple men; even cougars.

How you go about cougar seduction is no different than picking up a girl your age. The same attraction principles apply to women of all ages. The problem is most guys think its so far out there that they act differently so they fail to build attraction. You have to communicate that your the man and be congruent with it. A cougar doesn’t want an immature young teenager, they want a confident alpha male regardless of the age.

Heres a little something I’m going to leave you with to think about: I was doing some reading the other day and I came across a shocking statistic. 15% of children who are randomly DNA tested have a different biological father than the one raising them. I found this to be shocking! This shows that women of all ages equally enjoy being liberated.

This article has cleared up several misconceptions with regards to cougar seduction. If you take only one thing out of this article walk away with this in mind: Look at cougar seduction in the same way you look picking up girls your age. The attraction principles are the same. Remember the odds are actually in your favor because many older women consider hooking up with a younger guy “doesn’t count.”