how to finger a girl

How to finger a girl

It is important for a man to learn how to finger a girl because it is one of the things that makes your woman to experience maximum sexual pleasure when having sex together. Knowing how to finger a girl correctly makes both partners to have a great sense of satisfaction.

Before looking at the steps in how to finger a girl, there are certain things you need to know. The first one is that you should only start the process when your girl is already lubricated and aroused. Shoving your fingers in her vagina and rubbing her clitoris without being lubricated and aroused will only cause her pain and no pleasure will be experienced.



If you want to know how to finger a girl, these are the important steps that should be taken:

Step 1 – Use your palm to massage her mound. To start with, let her ride your palms gently.

Step 2 – Put little lubricant in your fingertip and trace the outer of your girl’s vagina to determine how wet she is. Touch her clitoris and the opening gently. At first, you should start very slow, and then gradually move sideways or up and down.

Step 3 – This is the key part of how to finger a girl. After getting excited, gently put your finger into her vagina. Deeply insert the finger, and if you know her G spot, use a smooth or regular circular motion to rub. Then, you should introduce the finger intercourse, with your finger moving in and out of the vagina, while massaging her clitoris with the thumb of the same hand.

Step 4 – The pleasure derived from the experience will make her breathing to change, and you will feel the muscles of her vagina flexing against the movements of your hand. Pushing your fingers against her thrusts will help in building her orgasm, and you should use the same rhythm to continue to stimulate her. The rhythm is key when learning how to finger a girl because you want to give her the orgasm, and even if she begins to groan or moan and scream, you should not stop the rhythmic stimulation.

There are many techniques on how to finger a girl, but these steps should help your girl enjoy the act. You should also be aware that every woman love to be stimulated, the way your finger caresses her wet pussy would make a difference in the way your woman responds.

These are some other useful tips on how to finger a girl:

  • In order not to hurt your girl, make sure your nails are cut and are not sharp.
  • Some girls do not like to be fingered. Therefore, if your girl is new with you, you should ask her first. If you do not know how to ask, you may insert the tip of your finer into her vagina, and watch her reaction. That is going to tell you whether or not to proceed.

Knowing how to finger a girl makes you the ultimate lover for every woman. Most women even do that when the man is not around, and if you are unable to satisfy her with your finger, she is likely to consider you an amateur, and may lead to the end of the relationship.


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how to finger a girl
how to finger a girl