how to turn a girl on

How To Turn A Girl On

Many men want to know how to turn a girl on, especially one who they are trying to get in the sack.  This can be a girlfriend, a wife, or a date, it really doesn’t matter, because most of the time, the techniques on how to turn a girl on are going to be the same.  All women are alike in a lot of different ways, they like to be told they look nice, they enjoy receiving compliments on everything from their clothes to their makeup, and they like to be treated well.

Now if your familiar with PUA or have read dating/seduction methods you may be thinking, “Don’t we want to neg the girl, isn’t complimenting a women bad?” Look, once you have a girl attracted and the initial pickup is over you don’t have to “game” anymore, in fact you shouldn’t be “gaming at all” you should be transforming into an alpha male that’s naturally attractive.

Since looks are important to almost every woman, it is a good place to start.  Women are going to have days when they don’t look the best and they know it, if you can isolate the problem which is making them look bad, and help her to look better, whether it be by letting her rest, having her change, or by going to the gym with her, you are going to increase your chances of turning her on.  If you are on a date, be sure to tell them at some point that they look nice.  Once the moment is right, and you are within kissing distance, put your hand on her leg and let her know how nice she looks again.  This will rev her engine and should result in good times for you.

Compliments are like candy to women, they really just can’t get enough of them, you should know how to compliment a woman in order to know how to turn a girl on.  With a wife or girlfriend, this isn’t too hard because you can usually compliment her on absolutely anything, from her butt to her dress.  With a date, especially one who you don’t know very well yet, it can be tricky, but not impossible.  Find something about her that she obviously went the extra mile for, whether it be fancy earrings, an expensive hairdo, or anything else, tell her that you like it.  This is going to open doors for you later on in the night, especially if you compliment her clothes or her lipstick, do it again, this time go in for some action.  Arousal can happen in the blink of an eye, be sure to take advantage of that moment.

Treating a woman well can mean all sorts of things when it comes to how to turn a girl on.  This can mean being a gentleman when the situation calls for it, and making sure any opportunities when you can satisfy a need of hers are met with action.  Talking with a girl in this way can turn a woman on, especially if you can throw in something that seems like you are lightly teasing her.  Since women like being treated well, its best to throw a curveball in there every once in awhile just to keep her on her toes. This sort of spontaneity can drive a woman wild and can easily lead to sex, especially if she is already having a good time.

There you have it, they key to how to turn a girl on! If you have any questions about how to turn a girl on please drop a comment below!

Stay Alpha,

Carlos Xuma