This is a quick post to share with you one characteristic that all leaders possess. That is the ability to make others feel good and bring out the best in others.

I was having an interesting conversation with The Godfather the other day and we were talking about putting other people down. All high value people with self confidence don’t ever feel the need to put someone else down. The act of putting someone else down stems from a lack of inner self confidence. The people who criticize others the most are always the ones who are least happy and don’t like themselves.

Think about it, the only reason people talk badly, put down, or criticize others is to boost their own ego due to a lack of self confidence. The sign of a “little” person is one who always feels the need to put others down in order to feel good.

The lesson to learn is to help others achieve their goals and to bring out the best in them. No one wants to be around someone who plays childish games and is full of negative energy!

Action Plan: Be as positive as you can around other people and bring out the best in them. You will thank me later I promise 🙂

Stay Alpha,

Carlos Xuma