How To Get A Girl To Kiss You


How to get a girl to kiss you
I read an article the other day on how to get a girl to kiss you and I couldn’t believe how horrible the advice was. This intrigued me to write a proper article on how to get a girl to kiss you and share with you my […]

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Pua Routines – The Evolution


A couple years ago when I first discovered the PUA community, pua routines were seen as some sort of magical pill. Back in those days Erik Von Markovik aka Mystery was the pioneer of pick up theory. Neil Strauss’ best seller “The Game” also introduced pua routines to those who were new to “the community.”

The […]

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PUA Openers – Direct Vs. Indirect


PUA Openers
Pua openers are the single most discussed aspect of the game. I will share with you my personal favorite pua openers that have all been tested in field and work well.

Before I get started I want to stress the fact that getting yourself to approach is more important than what you say. People feel the […]

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How Alpha Men Deal With A Breakup


Dealing with a breakup can be simple or it can be a nightmare. You get to decide! When low value men break up with a women they read quotes about breaking up, look at pictures, and do so many things that keep them in their needy patterns.
Alpha Men know that there are billions of women […]

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Kino Escalation


Kino pua escalation is a very important aspect of social interaction. Kino pua escalation is one of the most important aspects of sarging. Most of you probably know what kino escalation is but for those of you that don’t I’m going to start by giving you a definition of kino escalation.

What is Kino puaEscalation? – Kino is […]

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What does it mean to have Swagger?


If your looking for an article showing you how to get swagger you’ve come to the right place! To have swagger it means you have high self confidence and you’re outgoing. You can spot someone with swagger from a mile away. It makes sense that you want to know how to get swagger and reading […]

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The Inner Game of PUA


PUA inner game is in my opinion the most important aspect of “the game”. Everyone wants a magic pill when it comes to pua. People want the newest secret lines, tricks, and methods. The fact of the matter is you can’t even use a pickup method if you don’t have sound inner game as […]

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The secret to being social at bars


Bars are one of the best places to meet women. Good looking women like to get dressed up and hit the town. Everyone asks me how to be social at a bar and meet the women they find most attractive. If you want to go to a place where there are a lot of good […]

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