Kino pua escalation is a very important aspect of social interaction. Kino pua escalation is one of the most important aspects of sarging. Most of you probably know what kino escalation is but for those of you that don’t I’m going to start by giving you a definition of kino escalation.

What is Kino puaEscalation? – Kino is the escalation of physical touch during a social interaction.

Our goal is for the girl to see us as a touchy/feely guy and that us “touching” her is normal. If you establish touching at the beginning of the interaction it will feel normal as you escalate further. For example you can’t expect to make out with a girl if you haven’t even held her hand or put your arm around her. She will feel uncomfortable if you don’t establish touching first. So…

How soon do we want to establish kino? We want to establish touching right away! I am going to share with you a step-by-step kino escalation ladder to show you the exact kino escalation process you want to follow!

pua kino

Kino Pua Escalation Ladder

Step 1: Eye contact – Eye contact is the first step in kino escalation. From the start of the interaction you want to make sure that you make good eye contact. When you make solid eye contact it shows confidence and it helps to establish rapport.

Step 2: Incidental TouchingThe first step of physical touching is incidental touching. Incidental touching is kino that doesn’t seem to be done on purpose, its great to get her comfortable with touch from the start.  This includes hand shaking, touching her arm while talking, high fiving, etc. Start with these as soon as you can even right when you first approach her. By doing so you establish kino early on and make it easy to escalate further.

Step 3: Direct Kino – Direct kino is intentional and “direct”. This includes holding hands, hugging, touching legs etc. After you’ve been talking for a minute or so and established some incidental touching we want to naturally escalate and get in some direct kino. You can keep it simple by putting your arm around her for a couple seconds while talking, or grab her by the hand and bounce to another area of the venue. There are so many ways to establish direct kino, the key is to just make sure you do it!

pua kino

Step 4: Making out/Kissing – The last step in the kino escalation ladder before you get into seduction (which I’ll leave for another article) is kissing. When you meet a girl at a venue the highest form of kino escalation you usually get to is kissing (unless your a real playa and get her to the washroom).  If you’ve established incidental and direct touch and are having a good conversation/interaction going in for a kiss close usually is quite easy. For the exact method of how to get a kiss close GOG9 actually wrote a free ebook for you guys which you can get on the right hand side of the main page!

Kino pua escalation is very important! Keep these principles of kino escalation in mind the next time your out approaching women. Make sure to establish incidental touch right from the start, and get in direct kino relatively fast as well.

You will thank me later when you realize the importance of kino escalation :)! If you have any questions feel free to comment!