pua routines

pua routines

A couple years ago when I first discovered the PUA community, pua routines were seen as some sort of magical pill. Back in those days Erik Von Markovik aka Mystery was the pioneer of pick up theory. Neil Strauss’ best seller “The Game” also introduced pua routines to those who were new to “the community.”

The basis of pua routines is to have scripted pieces to recite every time you approached a girl. The good thing about them is you know exactly what your going to say and have mastered each particular routine. The problem with the old school pua routines is they come off as unauthentic, pre-planed, and canned.

Pua routines along with the entire pickup community have evolved since then. As with any other form of evolution the game has grown to new heights and changed for the better. Todays pua material advocates “natural” and “direct” game, which I personally prefer, because it suits my persona better.

One of the most frequent questions I still get asked by people is “What do I say after I approach the girl?” Almost everyone I come across wants tips on what to say. I am going to give you some tips below that I consider to be natural/modern pua routines.

pua routines

Natural pua routines

Direct/Natural Pua Routines

  • Your my new girlfriend for the next 10 minutes. Where are we going on our first date? – This is a natural evolved form of pua routines that gives you something canned to say but also opens the door for interesting, playful conversation. You put her in the role of your new girlfriend and can bounce around the venue on different “mini dates”.
  • Blame her for your lovestruckness – “Here I am trying to have a fun night night with my buddies and you make me want to meet you, look at you looking all sexy making me come talk to you you”. This is one of my favorite little pua routines that I like to use from time to time.
  • 1 Word Roles – You can use names like “Love”, “Babe”, and “Hun” to to instantly throw her in a role and imply you have something going on.

These are a few little pua routines that are more natural and aren’t as canned as the old school variety. I prefer to be natural and go with the flow. This shares my authentic self with the girl and I can fully express myself during the interaction. When you come from an authentic place girls pick up on this and respect you for it. The entire pua game has shifted to a more natural approach and I’m glad it has.

With that being said I’m now going to share with you some tips on being natural and evolving from pua routines…

Tips On Being Natural And Evolving From Pua Routines

  • How can I have fun? – Instead of thinking about what you should say think about what you can do to have fun! Pickup is a celebration of you. You want to have fun in the process and treat it as a game. Keep this at the forefront of your thoughts because if your having fun the girl will have fun!
  • Instead of thinking what do i do….THINK WHAT DO I WANT. Reconnect with your inner purpose, your inner drive! (Smell her hair, look at her lips), Instead of thinking what to say or do, look at her lips get connected to your desire for her and let that desire take you where it may.
  • Going First (NLP CONCEPT) -When you approach a girl feeling like your lower value on the inside, you bring a low value energy to the interaction and the girl is going to feel off. If you feel awesome the girl will feel awesome. Any emotion you want the girl to feel you have to go first and feel it first!
  • A Woman Needs Certainty, Give Her Certainty – A women needs to feel that your an alpha male during the entire approach. You want her to feel that very deep down your an alpha male. You need to be self assured. Connect to your inner alpha male and give her certainty!

Being a natural really boils down to being an alpha male down to your very core. You need to become a confident, self assured man who takes what he wants. Girls find it irresistibly attractive when a guy approaches them with total confidence in a direct and natural way.

I trust that this article has shown you the evolution of the game from pua routines to a more natural and direct approach. I will be discussing all aspects of the direct/natural game in future articles.

I love helping you guys out and answering your questions so feel free to drop a few lines below if you have any questions about pua routines.