Quotes about breaking up

Dealing with a breakup can be simple or it can be a nightmare. You get to decide! When low value men break up with a women they read quotes about breaking up, look at pictures, and do so many things that keep them in their needy patterns.

Alpha Men know that there are billions of women on this earth and usually when we think were in love its really only neediness and the fear of being alone that keeps us in the relationship. If alpha men read quotes about breaking up, or articles we make sure they support us and their positive in nature.

I was reading an article on dysfunctional relationships recently and it stated that 75% of relationships are based on neediness. WOW…

Why do we stay in relationships we know are dysfunctional?

1) Neediness – Neediness is the need to have someone to cling on to for a sense of belonging. If you find yourself in a relationship where you need to constantly say “I love you” or “I miss you” every 2 seconds thats the first sign that the relationship is based on neediness.

2) The Fear of being alone – Once your in a relationship with someone for so long your mind begins to play tricks on you. Human beings resist change (when truly change is the only constant in life). The mind begins to wrongfully trick you into thinking that there is no one else out there like your ex and that the breakup means you are going to be lonely. If you experience the fear of being alone you need to re-ensure yourself that there are billions of women on this earth and if you went out and started dating 10 new women your ex wouldn’t be so special after all.

Now that we know the reasons why we resist breakups and stay in dysfunctional relationships lets look at what we can do to make a breakup easier:

1) Date other women – Once you start going out with other women you’ll feel a new youthful energy soar through you and you’ll realize that there are so many women out there! You can have any women you want so stop limiting yourself.

2) Develop an abundance mentality – This is the key. You need to believe that no one girl is special and that there are billions of women on this earth that would be lucky to have you. All men who cling to dysfunctional relationships haven’t adopted this belief, usually out of a lack of self confidence.

Here are some positive quotes about breaking up that will help you get over your ex and develop an abundance mentality:

  • “Grow some balls and leave your comfort zone” – Style (Neil Strauss)
  • “I dont screen women. That would limit my adventures. I only screen on how well I get treated.” – Juggler
  • “People who don’t respect themselves, are seldom respected by others”
  • “If you act like she is too important, she’ll treat you like your not important” – David Deangelo

The fact of the matter is we are only on this earth once. Why waste your energy chasing, thinking about, or remaining in a dysfunctional relationship? Lifes to short to live with regrets and what ifs!

There are so many women out there the last thing you need to do is cling to a dysfunctional relationship out of neediness or the fear of being alone. Most people fall into this trap especially with their first girlfriend (I know I certainly did and learned the lesson the hard way).


I trust that this article has given you some valuable information about breaking up if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll answer when I get the chance!