How to be social at a bar


Bars are one of the best places to meet women. Good looking women like to get dressed up and hit the town. Everyone asks me how to be social at a bar and meet the women they find most attractive. If you want to go to a place where there are a lot of good looking women to meet I can’t think of many better places then bars.

For the past 5 years I have spent many weekends in bars and nightclubs so I know exactly what it takes to be the alpha male inside the bar.

Here are 3 tips on how to be social at a bar:

  • Social Proof – When your at a bar everyone is observing you to see what your doing. Women are attracted to guys who are social and who are having a good time. If a women sees that your chatting up everyone in the bar, talking to other girls, and having a blast she will be drawn to you. The worst thing you can do if you want to meet women is sit at the bar quietly and drink a beer. If you want to know how to be social at a bar the key is to be a social person and talk to as many people as you can.
  • The 3 Second Rule – The 3 second rule ties into the concept of social proof. The 3 second rule says you have to approach a women within 3 seconds of walking into the venue. Also whenever you see a women your interested in you have to talk to her within 3 seconds of seeing her. There are a few reasons we follow this rule no matter what: #1 – If people see us being social and approaching people from the second we get in the venue they will perceive us to be of “high value”. If we sit around and everyone in the bar sees us not being social from the start the first impression will last through the night. #2 – When you first notice a girl you like if you approach her within 3 seconds she will perceive you to be confident. If you hesitate and stall once you make eye contact or notice a women she will think your not confident. I’m sure you can now see the importance of following this rule.

How to be social at a bar

  • Be with or talk to women – Women are naturally attracted to guys who are talking to and surrounded by girls. You can bring girls with you to the bar as “wing women” or you can just chat up the first girls you see. When women see you talking to other women in a bar it triggers an attraction switch in their head makes them think that other women desire you. Make it a point to talk to as many women as you can in the bar and just be a social person.

You should now have a better idea of how to be social at a bar and meet the women you desire.

The key to meeting women and being social is to become a more social person. How we do this is by developing our self confidence and our social skills. I will be discussing how to do that as well as the topics discussed in this article in the days to come. Stay tuned and bookmark our site 🙂

Until next time…