how to get swagger

If your looking for an article showing you how to get swagger you’ve come to the right place! To have swagger it means you have high self confidence and you’re outgoing. You can spot someone with swagger from a mile away. It makes sense that you want to know how to get swagger and reading this article is the first step…

I’m going to discuss the physiology (physical aspect), as well as the psychology (mental aspect) of how to get swagger.

The physiology (physical aspect) of a person with swagger:

  • Alpha Posture – When you see someone who has swagger they definitely have amazing posture. It’s almost impossible to be seen as having swagger if your slouched over. Good posture is a sign of high self confidence. Not only do you look more alpha when your posture is proper but you also feel more confident within. Your physiology is one of the keys to the way you feel. If you stand and walk like a person who has swagger you will be perceived as a person who has swagger.
  • Alpha Body Language – A study by UCLA showed as much as 93 percent of communication effectiveness is in your body language. 93 percent! That shows you how important it is to master the art of body language. Body language is literally the language of the body and one of the other owners of the site swagger will be discussing body language in detail in a future post!
  • Smile – Learn to manipulate and use the muscles in your face. A smile speaks a thousand words. People are drawn towards others who make them feel good and important. I can’t think of any better way to make others feel good in an instant than a smile. People with swagger make other people feel good so SMILE!

Now that we’ve covered the physical aspect of how to get swagger lets move on to the mental aspect.


The psychology (mental aspect) of having swagger:

  • Self Confidence – One of the main traits a person with swagger possesses is self confidence. In order for people to think you have swagger they must think you have self confidence. I’d go as far as to say that you can define swagger as self confidence if you wanted to!
  • Indifferent to what people think – A core belief that we always stress is not caring what anyone thinks of you. This belief works wonders for you on the inside but also reflects on the outside and shows that your self assured and have a positive self image. If you make this belief a part of you your well on your way to having swagger.
  • Knowing you have swagger – The key to having swagger is knowing that you have swagger! If you believe on the inside that you have swagger it will reflect on the outside. No one can have swagger unless they have a deep belief on the inside that they have swagger! Start today to truly believe that you have swagger!

I trust that this article was helpful. I will be discussing each of the 6 keys in this article in greater detail in future posts.

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