Anal sex tips

anal sex tips

Learning these essential anal sex tips will skyrocket your success. When it comes to anal sex, some women may be repulsed by the thought of it, while other women may enjoy having it just as much as regular sex. Anal sex doesn’t have to be the type of sex that you might only see in porn, with the rough handling and loud noises, and with the right anal sex tips, it can be a gentle experience that gives pleasure to both of you, while allowing you to try something new. Girls who have never had anal sex before might be a little bit hard to convince to try it, whereas girls who have had anal sex before and have enjoyed it probably won’t mind at all if you slip it in there. You will learn through these anal sex tips  exactly what she wants, since she is going to be on the receiving end. Letting her get comfortable with the idea, easing her into the action, and then cleaning up afterwards will ensure that you both have a great experience. Keep these anal sex tips and I guarantee a good experience.

Getting a woman comfortable with the idea of anal sex can be a chore, or it can be fairly easy, it really depends on the woman’s personality. A woman who likes to party and is extremely flirtatious may take to anal sex very well, while a woman who isn’t very wild and may be introverted may not think the idea of anal sex is a good idea at all. One of the big anal sex tips to remember is to talk to the woman, tell her it will be ok, that you will pull out if she doesn’t like it at any time, and that you won’t be forcing anything on her. Let her know that anal sex will be a new sensation for her, and it could be something new to incorporate into the bedroom.

Once you have talked her into anal sex, you may need to take your time to get her accustomed to feeling your penis inside her butt. This is one of the best anal sex tips, it is a good idea to use some sort of lubrication, since the anus doesn’t secrete a natural lubricant like the vagina does. Doing this will help to prevent any sort of anal tearing, and it gives you the sensation of sliding in and out almost like a vagina would feel like. Since she will probably be face down in a pillow, do something else to her while you are inside of her, pull her hair, push down on her shoulders to thrust deeper inside her, or whisper in her ear. As long as she is enjoying it, she will want more of it at some point. If nothing else make sure you keep this one of the anal sex tips in mind at all times.

This is another of the essential anal sex tips. Cleaning up after anal sex is usually not nearly as messy as what it sounds like. You might be a little bit alarmed at any fecal matter that is on your penis after you pull out, but it isn’t a big deal. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a shower afterwards, since there will be an unpleasant odor, and the longer you leave it linger, the worse it is going to get. Be sure to make sure she is properly wiped as well, as long as she is happy, you will be happy, especially if you follow these anal sex tips.

I hope you have enjoyed these anal sex tips please feel free to comment with any questions you may have. Keep these anal sex tips in mind and you will have a great experience 🙂

Stay Alpha,

Carlos Xuma

anal sex tips