how to make a girl like you

How to Get Girls to Want You

One repetitive question that I always get from many guys is how to get girls to want you. Now this question may seem really tricky and difficult if your new to the pua community, but it’s actually pretty easy if you know what your doing. I would like to make a quick note of things that a guy should do to attract girls around him.

How To Get Girls To Want You

Select A Target: The first tip in how to get girls to want you is to choose a girl you want to attract. Remember pleasing everyone will end up with pleasing no one. It is better to aim at a single girl at a particular time.

After you are done with choosing the girl you want to attract get to know her. If you bumped with a girl in a club you can always approach with a good eye locking to let her know that you are noticing her. Walk up to her and be an alpha male and use a direct opener. For example say “Hi I’m bigP, I thought you were beautiful I had to come meet you.”

Build Attraction: The second step on how to get girls to want you after you select a target, is to strike up a conversation with her. Don’t show and neediness or desperation. If you do, you will see her walking away. Striking up a casual conversation will make her comfortable and she will feel good chatting with you. Now comes the time to build attraction.

I would recommend that you should change yourself to impress a girl. Here at Alpha Lifestyle we will show you exactly how to become an Alpha Male and create attraction in women naturally. This is what you want after all don’t you?

Flirting With Her: The third step on how to get girls to want you after you’ve talked for a little while flirt with her. WARNING: Do not go for corny jokes and insulting lines. Girls like funny guys but not someone who insults them. Use light comedy and do not just focus on her. Aim at her but also talk to other girls in order to let her think that you are not desperate or a pervert.

Just relax and give her time to adjust with you. Good jokes and poor jokes or real life fun incidents can make her laugh which is a good sign things are going well.

Plow Through The Conversation: The last tip on how to get girls to want you is a well known fact that you must listen to a girl in order to make her feel that you are interested in her but one thing that I had learned from experience is that beside listening to women you often must carry the conversation. While listening to them nod your and from time to time ask questions if you are confused about something. In short be interested in her talks genuinely.

Share with your hobbies, likes and dislikes with the girl. Also share with her a small part of your day to make her feel that you want her to know about yourself. This may seem a bit confusing but it will build comfort. Keep this in mind next time you think how to get girls to want you.

The whole purpose of Alpha Lifestyle is to become a sex worthy Alpha Male. Instead of asking how to get girls to want you, you should instead focus on transforming into a sex worthy guy. Thats what were here for to help you along that transformation process!



how to get girls to want you