How to eat a girl out

How To Eat A Girl Out

There are specific techniques in regards to how to eat a girl out you will learn by reading this article that will have women begging to have sex with you over and over. I have a surprise for you: I’m going to show you exactly how to satisfy any women in the bedroom. To make this post I interview sex expert & porn star Ryan Kelly Author of porn star sex life.

Lets face it you need to know how to eat a girl out properly. Every girl I’ve been with or discussed the topic with loves it when a guy knows how to eat a girl out properly. When you know how to eat a girl out properly she’ll be begging for more all the time. By the end of this article you will know exactly how to eat a girl out and be able to give any women a night she’ll remember for a lifetime! IN FACT SHE’LL BE RUNNING BACK FOR MORE!

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Now On To The In Dept Article On How To Eat A Girl Out

I’m going to begin my discussion on how to eat a girl out with a visual of the female anatomy. The area we want to focus on when learning how to eat a girl out is the clitoris. The clitoris is the most sensitive of women’s erogenous zones. The vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

how to eat a girl out


Position yourself so that your mouth is comfortable at the level of the clitoris. I recommend you start off in the laying down position with the girl flat on her back.

Begin with soft kissses

Start off by ignoring the vaginal region altogether. This will get her excited and create anticipation. Start by kissing her inner thighs before working your way to the vagina.

Insert 2 Fingers

Before you start to eat a girl out your going to want to begin by fingering her. Simply insert your fingers into her vagina and press downwards. Many guys use a “come here” motion to stimulate the g-spot but I find that by inserting your fingers deeply and pressing down rather than up I’ve gotten a much better response.

Finger here while eating her out, the combination of the two drives women nuts!

Now lets teach you how to eat a girl out…

The 2 best methods of how to eat a girl out

This is where we get into the techniques behind how to eat a girl out. There are 2 different methods I use together while eating a girl out:

  • Position your lips in a “sour face” as if you just ate something sour. Nina Hartley a very popular sex expert calls this process “sucking pussy” not “eating pussy”. According to her this is much more effective than the way people traditionally approach how to eat a girl out.  You want to place your lips around the clitoris and suck it as you would a jawbreaker candy. I’ve had a lot of success with this method and every girl I’ve done it on has like it a lot.
  • The second method of how to eat a girl out is the traditional licking of the clitoris. Place your tongue on the clitoris and lick up and down. Different girls like different types of strokes. In general you can simply lick away with your tongue back and forth across the clitoris to make her orgasm. You don’t have to worry or stress yourself to go super fast. Maintain a steady fast pace and keep at it.

* Remember: While preforming either of these methods you want to use the above fingering technique in combination with it for the best response.

Making Her Orgasm

Most girls start to moan loudly near the end. Her legs might begin shaking and some girls will thrust their clitoris deeper into your mouth. When this happens its your cue to go for gold. Amp up the licking and stimulate her clit as much as you can until she orgasms.

Seal The Deal

After your done, tell her how you love the way she tasted. Let her know how much you enjoyed pleasuring her. Trust me if you follow these steps she will be back for more…


You now know exactly how to eat a girl out and are well on your way to giving girls mind blowing clitoral orgasm. If you have any questions about the article or how to eat a girl out feel free to drop a comment below!

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma

how to eat a girl out