female g spot

Female G Spot

Knowing what the female g spot is will allow you to properly stimulate it when it comes to foreplay and sex.  Getting a woman aroused by playing with her female g spot is going to make her feel like you know what you are doing, and that is something that turns women on more than about anything.  Once you understand what the female g spot is and how it affects her orgasm, you are going to be able to make her have orgasms constantly during sex and even during foreplay if that is what you are going for.  By knowing where the female g spot is, what exactly it is, and how a woman gets pleasure from stimulation of it, you will be ready to dive in to give her an orgasm she will definitely remember.

The question that is often asked is “where is the female g spot”?  The answer is a little more complicated than what it seems, but it is generally found inside a woman’s vagina, about an inch to two inches in there, on the ceiling part of her vagina.  If you put your fingers inside a woman’s vagina and gently feel around up there, you will probably run into it, especially if she is already aroused and ready for sex.  It will feel similar to the rest of her vagina, but it will have a distinctive feel to it, just a little more rough, and sometimes just a little less soft than everything else.

Every woman has a female g spot, it is something that develops during puberty, but after that, it depends on the individual woman to determine if her g-spot can be stimulated easily, or if she is going to be a tough nut to crack.  The female g spot is a group of nerve endings that send pleasure signals to the brain, enough of this will cause a woman to orgasm; this is the basis of women enjoying sex.  Women who have been taken to the point of orgasm before with female g spot stimulation are a lot more likely to get aroused enough to have an orgasm again, either with your hands or your penis.

When a woman has her female g spot played with or stimulated, she gets certain signals sent to her brain.  These signals tell the vagina to become lubricated, because she is about to have sex, and it lets her have a higher threshold of pain than she normally would since the pleasure she gets from the stimulation is blocking out some of her pain receptors.  This is what sometimes causes a woman to feel very sore, not just in her vagina, after sex sometimes, she has worked other muscles so hard, but she didn’t realize it at the time, then after the orgasm is over and the endorphins wear off, the pain of muscle soreness comes back into perception.

The female g spot is something that you can exploit to your advantage when you are having sex with a woman, or just playing around with her.  The more aroused she gets from it, the more she will want to continue, which means a very memorable experience for you.

I trust you’ve found this article on the female g spot useful, if you have any questions please feel free to drop a line below.

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female g spot