body mass index for men

Body Mass Index for Men

The body mass index for men or BMI for short is a weight-to-height ratio which is calculated by dividing an individual’s weight in kilograms by the square of their height in meters. It is used to indicate if a person is at risk of being overweight/obese or underweight. Unlike common misconception it does not measure the percentage of body fat. Body mass index for men is a great tool because it takes into account that people come in different shapes and sizes and thus a range is given as a healthy BMI rather than a specific figure.

To calculate your body mass index for men (male above 18 years of age) you can use the following formula:

Weight (KG)/ Height2 (cm)

So now you can calculate your body mass index for men you need to know under which category you fall under. If you have a BMI of below 18.5 this is considered to be underweight as the score is low. There may be many possible reasons for this and thus it is best advised to consult your local doctor and possibly implement a better nutrition plan to gain some additional mass that can decrease the likeliness of suffering from any illnesses or diseases due to being underweight.

If you have a body mass index for men that is between 18.5 and 24.9 then it is considered you are in a healthy range and your weight and height are in proportion meaning the chances of developing any diseases linked to weight are minimal. It essentially shows you are a healthy weight for your height. This should not be taken as a sign to start relaxing and not exercising as keeping a balanced diet and good fitness regime is essential to maintaining a healthy body mass index for men and overall being healthy.

Now if you have a body mass index for menof over 25 it is medically termed that you are overweight, however this may not be the case if you are a body builder for example. But for the normal man it shows that you are heavier than is healthy for someone of your height. Being overweight or having excess weight can lead to such diseases as heart disease, stroke or type 2 diabetes. To counteract this you should ideally start an exercise regime to get into shape and lose some excess weight as well as consulting your doctor on a more appropriate diet plan to ensure you lessen your risk of disease due to your weight.

In the rare case that you have a body mass index for men of over 30 you are considered clinically obese. You are much heavier than is healthy for your weight and you need to take action immediately to lose weight considerably. Your local health service along with your doctor can give you the help you need to overcome your weight problem but there will need to be drastic changes in your lifestyle if you wish to live a healthy life without the fear of major diseases and health battles. You must really evaluate your Body Mass Index For Men and make some key decisions!

As you can see the body mass index for men is a very versatile tool for describing a person by measuring their physical attributes and it provides a clear indication to healthy weight limits which we can all adhere to enabling us to enjoy a long and healthy life with a reduced risk of diseases later on in life associated with weight.

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body mass index for men