Interesting Conversation Topics

Interesting Conversation Topics

We have all been in the situation before. You really like this girl but you just have no idea what to talk to her about. This is where these interesting conversation topics will come in hand. It is hard to define what interesting conversation topics are, as we all know different people like to talk about different topics and subjects which make things a little tricky if you are trying to strike up a conversation. We have therefore done some research to discover what the most interesting conversation topics are for men to talk to women about when initially meeting.

Before we even tell you some interesting conversation topics you need to ensure you can pick up on signs and signals given off by the woman you are talking to. It is extremely easy to pick out when she is really interested or passionate about a subject, and when this occurs you need to ensure that you go into a detailed conversation and ask questions. This is a very important trait to have when talking to a woman as they love the attention and they will be more open towards you if you show a sign of interest about the topics they enjoy.

Another important note to take is trying to find common interesting conversation topics or subject that you are both interested as it will mean an easy flowing conversation which will allow you to relate and connect with each other on a level where you are both comfortable. This will also banish any nerves you may have had and allow you to be more confident and be yourself, which is key.

So, what do you talk about? Well, initially finding out what she does is basic and can initiate a conversation immediately. This is key to discovering interesting conversation topics. However, try to stray away from in-depth work conversations unless she seems passionate about it. Let’s face it, unless you love your job you don’t really want to talk about it. Instead try to find out more about what she likes to do in her spare time and activities she enjoys. Talking about something you like is much easier than talking about something you hate. Also try to ask open-ended questions rather than one word answers as this will maintain the fluidity of the conversation.

You can also use your surroundings to find some interesting conversation topics. If you are at a bar or restaurant there may be interesting features you can talk about or even the music. This can lead to a conversation about the types of music she likes and so forth allowing you to get to know her better and also leaving the option open for her to ask questions about your likes and dislikes, as if she is interested in getting to know you then she will want to know.

All in all it is vital to keep the conversation smooth and to engage in an open conversation. In order to so its good to have interesting conversation topics up your sleeve. Keeping the mood positive and happy is the key as you don’t want to depress her by telling her your troubles. Try to act as confident and interested in her as you can and use the advice given here on interesting conversation topics and you will be sure of becoming a smooth talker.

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Interesting Conversation Topics