Best Colognes

The Best Colognes

Finding the best colognes to wear doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be fairly simple with our list of some of the best colognes.  This list takes into account several different factors, including the price of the cologne, to give you the best bang for your buck, and what women think smells the best.  Since it is impossible to find and evaluate every single brand of cologne on the market, this list is limited to what can be easily obtained either through the internet or a store that would be in most major cities.

At the top of the list of best colognes is Armani Code, this cologne isn’t extremely strong, but isn’t subtle at the same time.  Women seem to love it and it is a bargain for right around $55, it should last you quite a while, especially if you use it only when you are going out.

Usher is also one of the best colognes that many women find to have a unique fragrance that they enjoy, it’s a manly smell that still puts forth the notion of elegance without breaking the bank starting at $17.99 a bottle.

Finally one of the best colognes for the guy who wants a reliable, dependable cologne that has stood the test of time: Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne.  Curve has been around for years and has a large following, and can be bought for as low as $30.

Know the best colognes to wear is important because women tend to feel more comfortable and aroused around men who smell good.  This goes beyond just making sure you don’t smell bad by taking a shower, but by actually applying a cologne, you are projecting to other women that you are in fact an alpha man and they should be interested in you.  Women will want to be around a man who wears a cologne that they really like, especially when they are in an intimate situation, this can be anywhere from at a bar to the bedroom.

Wearing cologne when you go out looking for women is really only going to help you get laid, unless of course you put on too much.  Anything more than a few sprays and women may actually be taken back by your strong cologne smell, this makes them think that you are trying too hard, and even if they don’t think that, the oils in the cologne may actually give their noses a negative reaction, and they could have a hard time breathing around you.

Since so many men wear cologne nowadays, it is important that you stand out with what kind of cologne you wear by knowing the best colognes.  While it is hard to argue against the reliable, time-tested best colognes, it is not a bad idea to see what other kind of more obscure colognes are out there.  Even in a large crowd, you probably won’t have to deal with more than maybe 2 or 3 other guys in the entire place wearing the same cologne you are, and with the differences among all of you who are wearing it, it will probably smell slightly different to each woman.

There you have it all the advice on the best colognes you will ever need.

If you have any questions about the best colognes or want to add one to the list please feel free to drop a comment below.

Stay Alpha,

Carlos Xuma

Best Colognes