How to tell if a girl loves you

How to tell if a girl loves you

Knowing how to tell if a girl loves you is one of the most important things to consider in the early stages of a relationship.  Obviously not within the first few weeks, or possibly even couple of months, but sometime within that first year, you should be expressing your love for one another.  There are some tell-tale signs I’m going to share with you which will show you exactly how to tell if a girl loves you.  The signs can fall into one or more of these categories: physical signs, communication between the two of you, and communication between her and other people.

I was actually discussing this yesterday with Tony Sanders the author of dating secrets and we agreed that the biggest indicator of how to tell if a girl loves you is her temper towards you. If a girl truly loves you she will be very understanding and patient. I understand that different women have different personalities but I have done plenty of research on the topic and studies have shown that if a women truly loves you she won’t get irritated over small things, her love for you will allow her to overlook this. A women who loves you will be understanding. If you argue constantly thats one sign that its not true love.

If you know how to tell if a girl loves you, then you know what sorts of physical signs to look for that conveys the love that they feel towards you.  If you don’t know, then the simple way to answer the question is to be aware of how she touches you when you aren’t intimate.  If she likes to cuddle and lay with you, it could be a pretty big sign that she loves you.  Women like to feel safe and comfortable, if you make her feel this way, she is going to develop feelings for you that go way beyond just regular boyfriend/girlfriend feelings.  Also it is important to notice how she walks with you, if she wants to hold your hand and your arm, and you have been dating for more than a couple of months, then it is probably a safe bet to say that she loves you.

You should be on the lookout for signs in the way she talks to you to be able to tell if a girl loves you.  Again, after the first couple of months in a relationship, if she is talking about a future with you that goes beyond just the near-term future, there is a good chance that she is in love with you.  There should be a word of caution here, seeing as if she is talking about getting married or having a family together with you, which would include her discussing with you what kind of baby names you should name your children together, and you have been in a relationship for only a couple of weeks, it can be a warning sign of a girl being very needy, and not in a good way.  Women like this often have emotional roller coasters that go beyond what regular women already experience, to the point where if you break up with her, she could be a threat to you or herself.

The way she talks about you to her friends and family can be a good indicator of how to tell if a girl loves you, especially if she really only says good things about you, especially during the early stages of the relationship.  Every woman is going to say something to her close friends about something they may not like about the guy she is with, this is completely normal and it is just her way of venting.  But the conversation should not be all about what you are doing wrong or how she hates how you do something, but rather as a footnote between the good things you do, or the way you make her feel.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips on how to tell if a girl loves you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment below.

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how to tell if a girl loves you