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How To Get A Girls Number

If you want to know how to get a girls number with a high success rate you’ve come to the right place! I am going to show you exactly how to get a girls number when you meet a girl you desire!

The first thing you must understand about how to get a girls number is a girl will not give out her number if she does not want to. You have to build attraction first. You cannot force it. It is essential that you understand this as there is nothing worse than trying to force and power your way into getting her number. On the contrary this is the best way to prevent a girl from giving her number to you. What you want to do is hit her attraction switches and show your the high value alpha male that she wants to give her number to.

Now another key thing which you must understand about how to get a girls number is what exactly a girl giving out her number means.  When a girl gives out her number it is an indicator of interest and trust. In order to get this interest and trust you need to establish attraction and comfort with the girl. It is a direct link between you and the girl. If you are able to obtain a girls number chances are you can obtain a lot more from her.

Firstly although it sounds obvious you have to ask for it! A girl will never just give out her number to you. She wants to be asked and made to feel special and worthy. So remember you must ask. My favorite method for how to get a girls number is pull out your cell phone, hand it to her and say with a smile “I had a lot of fun talking to you I’d like to talk some more, put your number in my phone, and I’ll call you sometime when I’m Free.”

However it is not wise to just walk up to a girl at a club or a bar and just outright ask for her number, although this approach may work for some, as the majority of girls will find this approach too pushy and assume the man is overconfident and pig-headed. Before you go in for the killer question and try and get the girl’s number you should try and start a conversation with her first. So many guys ask how to get a girls number but fail to realize that you need to give the girl a reason for her to part with her number- why should she give it to you and not the other hundreds of men who ask for it? Be different, be unique but most of all be interesting. If you are interesting and arouse the intellect of the girl she will be more likely to want to see more of you and therefore this increases your chances of getting the girls number.

Another thing which is key to how to get a girls number is DO NOT BE CREEPY. Girls hate creeps. Do not be cheesy and over indulgent.  Being persistent is one thing but there is a fine line between admirable persistence and stalky creepiness. DO NOT cross this line. Be light and easy and be fun. It is a good idea to telegraph your intentions early but do not be too desperate to fulfil them. Demonstrate confidence and self assurance and the girl will sense this. This is the key about how to get a girls number.

I have covered exactly how to get a girls number! If you have any questions about how to get a girls number please drop a comment below.

Stay Alpha,

Carlos Xuma

how to get a girls number