how to make a girl like you

How to make a girl like you

The age old question which every man asks, How to make a girl like you? The common problem many men have is having what they can’t have. Most men go for the obvious approaches to make a girl like them which can often lead to rejection. For instance telling lies to make a girl like you, which eventually will come to surface as you get to know each other and end up hurting your chances. Also once a man gets the girl to like him he may not want her anymore. Several specific ways on how to make a girl like you are discussed below.

One answer to the question how to make a girl like you is to find a common interest you share. All women look to see if a man has emotional and intellectual qualities which are the same or similar to the ones she personally possesses. My first tip on how to make a girl like you is to find out her interests. Do not make the common and simple mistake as of faking interest in what a girl likes. It doesn’t hurt to take a genuine interest and this will surely help you in the long run. This is a sincere method as it doesn’t come with any nasty consequence and may even earn a friend or wing girl if all doesn’t go as planned.

Another way is to use humor.  Any woman no matter what age or race will love a man who can make her laugh and keep a smile on her face.  Comedy is not an ability many guys possess and if used in the correct manner it can land the woman you have desired for a long time. Women see humor as a reflection of attitude in a relationship. If a man is rigid and boring a girl will see that as a sign of what being in a relationship with that particular man is like.

Another method of how to make a girl like you is to look after your body. You cannot make another person like you if you do not like your own body. In addition to this women see a man’s body as a reflection of how they live their lives. If they see a slovenly man they believe this is the way he lives his life which in turn will never make a girl like you. In addition to this if your physical appearance is poor or sloppy you will never be able to attract the quality of woman you desire as she will prefer a far higher quality alpha male not only physically but mentally as well.

Bare in mind all the above points on how to make a girl like you as well as many more including friendly flirting, demonstrating your high vale and winning over her social circle. In addition it does always help to be strong and dominant. The majority of women love to be dominated and have a man take control and make the first move. Follow these steps on how to make a girl like you and I guarantee you will be more successful!

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How To Make A Girl Like You