relationship stages

Relationship Stages

Everyone is interested in knowing what exactly are the Relationship Stages in a romantic relationship. Some relationships come and go but you instinctively know if the relationship you’re in is going to last for a long time or be a brief encounter. There have been many studies to try to understand the social patterns involved in how a relationship starts and grows and which types eventually result in marriage and procreation. It is still widely debated but we can split up a relationship into five major stages.

Relationship Stages

The first of the relationship stages is the honeymoon or romantic stage. All relationships start at this stage. It is one of the best relationship stages where anything is possible and everything is looked at with an air of optimism and excitement. This stage can last anywhere between two months to two years but is the shortest stage in a committed relationship. The romance stage allows you to take chances, show affection and be blissfully happy although near the end of this stage you will begin to question if you truly are compatible.

The of the relationship stages is a power struggle stage. During this one of the relationship stages you begin to see all the little differences between each other and begin to pick out things which you do not have in common. There is a tendency to pull away from each other during this stage and it is most likely in this case for a divorce or counselling. Although, it is not all doom and gloom in this stage as you can still find romance.

If you have overcome the power struggle stage you will enter the stability stage which is one of the more serious relationship stages. During this one of the relationship stages, you become aware that you both lead your own lives as an individual human being as well as a couple and you understand that there will be some differences. You will come to realise that you cannot shape your partner into the person you want and you are happy the way they are.

After the stability stage the commitment stage follows. This is the one of the relationship stages where marriage is on the cards however, in many cases marriage has already occurred during the romantic stage. You are now fully aware of you and your partner in terms of the past, present and future. In this stage you begin to realize you don’t need each other but want to be with each other. If one of the pair is in the stability stage and one in the commitment it may mean that as a couple you will retreat to stages two or three. If you are in this stage it is fair to say that you can tell your partner you love them even though you know all the good and bad about them and vice versa.

The last one of the relationship stages is called the co-creation stage. This is where you and your partner move out into the world. This can be done in many ways; the most common is having children. Other ways may include starting a business or a project. You need to be aware that these stages do not follow a straight line in a relationship and you can go back and forth between stages.

There you have it, you now know the 5 relationship stages that every relationship goes through! If you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment below!

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Relationship Stages