how to dump a girl

How To Dump A Girl

We have all been there; you want to know how to dump a girl without being harsh or ending it on a bad note. It is hard to find the right way on how to dump a girl and what to say or do but it has to be done. You need to pluck up the courage to tell her it’s over in the nicest way possible. Sounds like mission impossible right? Wrong. Here we’ll the explain best method on how to dump a girl in a civilized manner that has the relationship ending on a good note.

Lets start on how to dump a girl. Firstly make sure if you do decide to break up with her that she is the first person to know and not your friends, as if she hears it from someone else before she hears it from you then you are in for some serious pain and trouble. Out of respect for her make sure she knows first. Also think about when the perfect time to break up with her, if she is emotional then may be a Friday would be the best day to dump her as then she will have time over the weekend to think over the situation and spend time with her friends to get over the break up. However, if she is more direct then a Monday may be best as it will mean she will be busy for the week and won’t have much time to mull over the break up. When thinking about how to dump a girl, You should remember that there is never a perfect time to dump a girl, but just pick a day and stick to it.

The next tip on how to dump a girl after you have the day of when you’re going to dump her planned you need a location. The best location is somewhere neutral and not at your place or her place where there may be memories of your relationship. Places like a park are ideal as you can communicate freely and even have a walk and talk. Although, having it in a place where there is a lot of public present is not the best idea as if a scene is caused it is not good for either of you, so try not to break up with her at a restaurant or something of the kind.

The second tip on how to dump a girl is when you explain to her why you want to end it, don’t go into every bit of detail as to how the relationship has come to this situation as this will most likely make her emotional and feel even worse than she already does. Instead, try to be caring and considerate and explain to her the relationship has run its course and that it has come to an end. Explain to her this is hard for you too and that you regret it ending like this as it will make her feel better. You should also ask her how she feels and what she thinks of the situation, as there is two sides to the relationship and by allowing her to express her feelings you leave nothing for chance as she will say all that she has too meaning the break up can end on a better note. This is key on how to dump a girl.

If you want to know how to dump a girl, Don’t change your mind whatever you do! She may come out with some stuff during the heat of the moment which may make you reconsider but you’ve made your decision to dump the girl so do it. Finally, the most crucial piece of advice you will ever get on how to dump a girl; bring tissues. As most likely the girl will be in tears, and although your dumping her when learning how to dump a girl we want to keep in mind that you should be caring towards her so be ready for the tears.

You now have the best method available on how to dump a girl!

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma

how to dump a girl