How To Give A Girl An Orgasm

How To Give A Girl An Orgasm

Many guys wonder how to give a girl an orgasm. Giving a girl an orgasm is not as hard as it appears. Women are a lot more fortunate when it comes to having orgasms than men. In fact, they can have different types of orgasms as well as multiple orgasms!

The most conventional route on how to give a girl an orgasm is by penile penetration into her vagina. This stimulates nerve endings inside the woman and a continual thrusting motion will bring about an orgasm if the woman is sufficiently aroused. There are many different positions which can be used. It is said that if you want something doing, do it yourself. You can use this saying in a certain extent when trying to give a girl an orgasm. It is just how you know how you like to receive oral stimulation or of the kind, you should therefore ask your partner to tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t like for example which positions she favors. This way you can continue by giving her what will truly satisfy her and you will learn exactly how to give a girl an orgasm.

As a matter of fact, how to give a girl an orgasm is far from complete within the boundaries of just the physical act of sex. It can start much earlier than that; making a woman feel wanted and attractive can subconsciously have a positive effect on her towards you by making her feel more wanted and thus when in the physical act of sex allowing her to reach heightened states which are more suited to achieving an orgasm. So before you even think about how to give a girl an orgasm why not try bonding with the girl and showing affection towards her as this will allow for her achieving an orgasm more easily.

When I’m asked how to give a girl an orgasm I always recommend oral sex. You can check out my post on how to eat a girl out if you haven’t already –> how to give a girl an orgasm. Oral sex can be a very effective way in which to give a girl an orgasm as you can directly target the area in which orgasms can arise from. When performing oral sex on a woman you should ensure not to just target her genital area right away. Instead, start by kissing and caressing her body and by slowly moving down her body. When at her genital area, you could start by kissing the inside of her thighs and gently just kiss her vagina and then backing away. This approach will leave her gagging for more, by repeating this a few times it will allow for a more complete orgasm for her. Now you can actually perform oral sex on her. The clitoris has the most nerve endings and therefore is the most sensitive to stimulation thus targeting this region is a must. Slowly increasing and decreasing the speed at which you perform oral sex will aid in making her orgasm.

There you have some essential tips on how to give a girl an orgasm. Although, you need to be aware that women do not orgasm all the time when having sex and even if they do not it is nothing to be worried about. Women enjoy the intimacy and closeness which you get from sex and they can still be sufficiently pleased even without reaching an orgasm.

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how to give a girl an orgasm