In the dating community, are are TONS of products out there. The quantity of individual PUA products, from video seminars to ebooks to texting guides, could easily top off a landfill…

We at Alpha Lifestyle got kind of FED-UP with the BOGUS products out there written by nerdy college students trying to make a quick buck, so we swept aside the heaps of garbage so that YOU don’t have to, to make you the BEST daytime dating method out there.

We sifted through tons of wordy literature, researched and tested, and even got rejected time and time again before we finally found a FOOL-PROOF METHOD that actually WORKS… the end-all-be-all of dating and attraction knowledge…


Practical Day Game is the worlds first in-depth, comprehensive method for getting you all the way from BEGINNER to ADVANCED. Forget peripheral programs or creepy gimmicks… Practical Day Game cuts STRAIGHT to the core, revealing all of the – you guessed it – the PRACTCAL ways to go about meeting and attracting women during the day.

Why Should You Listen to me?

With tons of self-proclaimed “Gurus” out there, most Dating Coaches are really just watered-down versions of the real thing.

So, why should you listen to me?

Besides the countless articles that I have published and the various media appearances that I have made, I have also (quite *literally*) TRANSFORMED the lives of a multitude of students. Check out this video testimonial by my student-turned-friend, Artus:

So, What IS “Practical Day Game?”

Practical Day Game is a comprehensive method written by nationally recognized Day-Game Expert, Ozzie R (who you probably know as ½ of the Alpha Lifestyle team), in collaboration with JT Tran, The Asian Playboy. It presents an in-depth, easy-to-follow workflow containing strategies and techniques on how to meet and attract the women of your dreams, during the day.

While many products out there make their mark by catering to a very specific audience (do you REALLY want to learn how to hypnotize a girl into getting wet? Really?!?), Practical Day Game works for everyone, INCLUDING those who have NO EXPERIENCE in the dating world.

Since there are NO GIMMICKS, and the guiding principals are Practical Day Game is to bring out the natural within, no experience is necessary to become a total ladykiller 😉

Why is it so simple?

I’m glad you asked!

The reason that Practical Day Game is SO SIMPLE to learn is because it is based about SOUND PSYCHOLOGICAL PRINCIPALS to help transform you into an ALPHA MALE who NATURALLY attracts women.

Who SHOULDN’T Read “Practical Day Game”?

If you like ducks (butterfaces, uggs, whatever you want to call them), then you should probably STAY AWAY from Practical Day Game… This product is all about approaching and attracting the HOTTEST, most SOUGHT-AFTER WOMEN out there… Actresses, models, and the like. If you don’t want these types of girls, then you can kindly skip over this review 🙂

Also, Practical Day Game will NOT help you to choose the right person… It is all about attracting ANY WOMAN, and does not contain any advice on selecting a girl to date.

Otherwise, welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your stay. Now, onward to the training:

Your Pimp-In-Training Syllabus

Lets count the useful elements of Practical Day Game… Oh wait… I CAN’T! Lol! Practical Day Game is literally CHOCK-FULL of goodies, containing a vast wealth of dating and attraction knowledge (trust me… There’s a reason that we spent FOREVER tweaking and perfecting this product… It’s simply the best).

Besides tips on getting over the anxiety of approaching a girl as well as interacting with women in ANY social environment, Practical Day Game also reveals the exact methods to literally CREATING ATTRACTION out of THIN AIR… With ANY WOMEN THAT YOU WANT!

For those of you who are at an advanced level already and want to make your life a little bit easier, some of the most potent secrets contained within this program illustrate how to get THEM to chase YOU, instead of the other way around. Based on the scientific principal of “reciprocation”, Practical Day Game outlines the keys to getting MUTUAL INVESTMENT, and how to MAKE IT LAST once you’ve finally bagged that gorgeous dime.

Inner Transformation

Men who have been dumped, ridiculed, or simply raised in a way that limited their masculinity will benefit tremendously from Practical Day Game, especially the portions on getting back into the dating scene and regaining (nay! Reclaiming!) your self-confidence.

Rather than some gimmicky product that just shows you HOW TO ACT instead of WHO TO BE, Practical Day Game is one of the few dating coaching products that will really provide you with a complete and deeply-rooted transformation.

Why Is “Practical Day Game” my favorite?

Dating Secrets is great for a number of reasons. Obviously it’s my product, but the reason go way beyond that. From a financial standpoint, there is literally no risk, as protected by my 60 DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Nobody else in the business offers a guarantee like this. The only reason that I can get away with such a hefty guarantee is because THE PRODUCT WORKS; People who buy it, keep it.

Secondly, Practical Day Game teaches you how to go about dating the right way, the FIRST TIME. No trial-and-error, no “oops, I led you astray”, and no bullshit. Just down-to-Earth, honest-to-goodness advices based off of tried and true social and evolutionary psychology.

Also, Practical Day Game will CHANGE YOU. Thats right; if you’re not ready to be changed, then DON’T GET IT. It’s not about putting a layer of gold paint over a brick and pretending it’s worth something… It’s about making a core, fundamental change within yourself that will be reflected for the rest of your life. It will make everything “click”, changing your world beliefs and dating/sex life forever.

Lastly, it works FAST. Practical Day Game produces virtually INSTANTANEOUS results. The paradigm-shifting knowledge contained within the course is enough to boost your success almost overnight. If you’re tired of waiting, this is the best program for you.

The Bottom Line

I am proud to give Practical Day Game the “Alpha Lifestyle Stamp Of Approval”. If it doesn’t give you everything you want and more, feel free to yell at me personally… Right after getting your 100% money-back guarantee, of course 😉

Practical Day Game stands out from the other products of this nature, and the difference is notable. From the satisfied reviews, to the video testimonials, to the actual CORE-LEVEL CHANGE that so many people have already experienced, Practical Day Game sells itself. Anyone who wants to make their dating life more fun, colorful, and effortless, should go learn more about it now:

Click HERE to get Practical Day Game before it’s too late!

However, as the method contains potent secrets that can NOT be released to the general public, copies are EXTREMELY LIMITED… Get yours NOW to make sure that the website isn’t taken down before you have a chance to become one of the lucky few.


Ben J and Ozzie R