pua textingEffective PUA Texting Tips and Tricks

PUA texting is yet another way to attract and pickup women. If done properly, texting can be one of the most effective tools for men to build attraction from women. Texting is a major aspect of our lives. Instead of just using it to communicate with friends, family, or co-workers, why not use it as well to meet and talk to girls. Many men down play the use of pua texting to pickup women. They say it’s either ineffective or it takes too much time. Well, this is not the case at all. In fact, a lot of men find texting to be one of the best ways in building friendships with women. It’s a lot easier to connect with women this way. Unlike talking on the phone, you get to gather your thoughts and think of the best words you can use before you hit on the send button.

Below are a few tips and tricks you can apply when you are PUA texting:

  1. Make all of your text messages short, simple, and clear. Focus on getting your main message across. Don’t confuse the woman you are texting with long and incomprehensible messages. As the popular online saying goes “focus on quality over quantity”. Always remember that you are probably not the only one texting the woman. Who knows, there could be a dozen other men pua texting her. If this is the case, then you need to observe even more brevity in your messages.
  2. Don’t send too many messages. If you do, all that you will ever accomplish is freak her out. You are trying to attract the woman towards you, not make her think you are a stalker. When you send her a text message and she doesn’t text back then you may text her again. If she still doesn’t make a response, then it’s better if you hold off until tomorrow before you text her again. Flooding her inbox with messages is a very bad strategy.
  3. One key to mastering pua texting is to use smiley faces. Never underestimate the power of these emoticons. They can do wonders in the impression you are trying to make. One smiley face can give your text message a glow or some sense of humor. Do not overuse them though when you are pua texting. Riddling your messages with too many smiley faces will only make them look childish and immature. There are exceptions of course but as much as possible, control your use of the emoticons.
  4. Your opening text message can make or break the whole thing. With that said, you must craft it the best that you can. First impressions last longer than you might think. Your whole pua texting tactics will all go down the drain if the very first message you send creates the wrong impression on the girl.

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Pua texting can be really effective if you use it wisely. It can also ruin everything if you use it the wrong way. So always tread carefully when crafting and sending your text messages. One wrong mistake and the girl will probably delete your number off her phone.



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