How can I find happiness in life?

How can I find happiness in life?

Every person I talk to asks themselves how can I find happiness in life. I have a genuine passion for helping people find happiness, so let’s get right to it…

To answer the question how can I find happiness in life we need to analyze what happiness is. From my point of view the purpose of life is to create as much happiness as possible while avoiding pain. The two forces that drive human behavior are pain and pleasure. By finding happiness we maximize our pleasure. My definition of success in life is creating constant pleasure. As you can imagine its critical to get this area of your life handled.

A person can have all the finest things the material world has to offer and still lack a feeling of happiness. This is because we create our own happiness from within. We have to ability to decide if we want to feel happy in a given moment or not. The way we make this decision is by the meaning we assign to a given situation.

Lets look at an example to illustrate this point. Lets look at how two different people answer the question how can I find happiness in life and how it affects their level of happiness.

Person #1: I’m happy to be me, and I’m grateful to be alive.

Person #2: I’m happy only if I have $1,000,000 the bank, my house paid of, and a luxury sports car.

The difference between the two people is the meaning they assign to the question. Person 1 gives himself permission to feel happy daily, while person 2 makes it nearly impossible to feel happy.

The majority of time we feel unhappy its a choice that we’ve made within. We can change this in an instant by changing the meaning we assign to a situation. The individual who needs a million dollars before becoming successful can start to feel successful now while setting a goal to earn a million dollars. Not only will this make the process of earning money enjoyable, it will also manifest happiness in the person’s life.

3 ways to be happy right now:

1) Think positive thoughts and eliminate negativity

– Positive thinking is critical in the process of finding happiness. Make it a point to think more happy thoughts than negative one. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts whenever you notice a negative thought surface. Positive thinking alone can work wonders in your life.

2) Make a list to remind yourself of what your grateful for in your life

– When your grateful for everything you have currently in your life you feel great. Sit down and make a list of everything your grateful for in life. You can do this out loud or write it down on paper. List everything and anything you feel gratitude towards. I guarantee this alone will cause a greater feeling of happiness. In addition, the feeling of gratitude is also one of the secrets to manifesting abundance.

3) Live in the present moment

– Many of the problems we think we have get destroyed in the light of our consciousness. Our presence or conscious awareness is essential to our happiness. All problems are one of 2 things: 1) Dwelling on the past or 2) Creating a fictitious future in your mind. If we are truly present and in the moment there are no problems this very second. Any time we feel as if we have a problem it’s because we aren’t living in the present moment.

I’m now confident you can come up with a better way to answer the question how can I find happiness in life than before you read this article. I will be discussing several of the topics in this article in greater detail in future articles. Stay tuned as were going to be posting several articles weekly to help you live the life of your dreams.

Until next time…