ways to spice up a relationship

Ways to Spice up A Relationship

I am always asked for effective Ways To Spice Up A Relationship. Countless guys are in relationships that they are bored of. The spark just doesn’t seem to be there anymore and they are having second thoughts. Recently a friend approached me and started asking me about various ways I use to keep the fire burning and so I thought instead of helping him alone, why not share it with you all guys.  Now let’s get on the topic and start discussing ways to spice up a relationship.

The Magic of Touch: Physical touching is one of the most important things you need to do to show your other half that you are still interested in her.  Don’t start it the wrong way by touching your girl sexually. Start by giving her a rub here and there occasionally followed by a genuine smile.

Don’t do it to frequently and don’t take big gaps between two touches. Time your touches and give them a loving feeling. Women love it when you tease them and that is what attracts them towards you. Sometimes brushing her in public while no one is watching will reassure her that you care. Just do it and let the magic work.

Girls Love A Playful Striptease: Stripteases are one of the powerful ways to spice up a relationship if done correctly. What I usually do and suggest is, play a game with your lover and whoever loses needs to remove one piece of clothing from their body. It is not a new concept most people have probably thought about this. Go and apply your knowledge!

Try different games and do not stick to a single game. Be careful while choosing a game and avoid using game that takes long time to get complete. It is just going to spoil her mood.

Roleplays are Interesting: Do you doubt the effectiveness of roleplaying? Don’t! It is one of the best ways to spice up a relationship. I’ve seen the fire in several relationships begin to burn brighter by making their sex life interesting by using role plays.

Get along with your better half and discuss the roles you both want to play. Have fun with it no matter who you both are Batman and Cat woman, or a nurse and patient.

Avoid Sex In The Bedroom: Many guys get bored of making love to the same girl. It becomes a routine and boring. Making love in bedroom is traditional and monotonous and this is what turns your girl off sometimes. One of the best ways to spice up a relationship is by improving your sex life. I am sure you don’t want this to happen. Two places which I have personally found to be the best for love making are the kitchen and shower area.

Just while your woman is cooking, go to her and seduce her to the limit and start making love in the kitchen itself.

Feed her Chocolate: Another one of the best ways to spice up a relationship is to feed your girl chocolates. I have yet to find a girl/woman who does not like chocolate. Using real flavors while making love is going to take your relationship to a new level. Chocolate, honey, mustard and whatever that excites you and your woman are going to work. Imagination is your friend.

There are many ways to spice up a relationship but all you need to concentrate on is what she wants and how you are going to give it to her. Tease her for everything and sometimes just give it to her without any resistance.

Use these ways to spice up a relationship and I guarantee you’ll thank me..



ways to spice up a relationship